Complaints and grievance Redressal Hub

1MONEY™ developed a detailed multi-step process of Root Cause Analysis for escalated complaints to Identify and extract issues that concern the customer. This involves to Obtain feedback from units who interacted with the customer i.e. agents/Customer Care/AI. 1MONEY™ Map processes of handling the issue; determine if the current process is followed optimally to Identify root causes of complaints and erring units, if any. This Initiate process changes, if required. Our Tracking impacts the process changes. This Check for persistent issues and find solutions to avoid their recurrence. 1MONEY™ exercises Transparency to the customer providing with information regarding the channels they can access to service their requirements and resolve their issues. In addition, the turnaround-time for issues to be redressed including investigation and resolution shall be communicated transparently. 1MONEY™ enables customers to avail of services through multiple digital channels such as web and mobile application. This excludes the use of cash and paper in all forms. 1MONEY™ processesthe escalation of complaints onaddressing of issue level by level and in case the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the current level, 1MONEY™ will be diverted to the next level available in the agent branches/Banq’s website/Banq’s call center. 1MONEY™ shall exercise continuous efforts to educate its customers to enable them the importance of banqing and indulging in the financial products and make informed choices regarding various schemes and reduce errors in banqing transactions. 1MONEY™ shall have established hierarchy at various levels to review customer grievances and enhance the quality of customer service which is as follows.

  • A customer can formally contact by the way of sms in the prescribed form or use the USSD facility to raise an issue towards the inconvenience caused out of the routine activity. The customer can expect either a call or sms towards the steps taken towards the raised issue and may be further directed to follow few steps to sort out the same. This is escalated within 6 days within business working hours of 1MONEY™.
  • The issue may be raised to the next level by filling in the online application addressed to senior manager of escalation and grievance redressal. This Level requires 6 days within business working hours business working hours wherein our senior manager of customer service concerned with the issue reverts with the actions taken towards your issue and looks up to the issue not arising again.
  • The issue may be brought to the notice of Nodal office or General manager of customer grievances and customer support. Usually issues won’t reach up to this level. Issues associated with the complexity deposits are being addresses and sorted out at this level. The issue raised at this level is considered serious and will be addressed with the next 6 days within business working hours.
  • A customer can directly contact VP at the prescribed form or directly to his mobile number mentioned in the website.
  • Send a mail to CC’ing to all the above towards your discomfort and inconvenience caused and one can go to consumer court or Ombudsman/registrar within the jurisdiction of his/her district inside INDIA. All the above stages will be acknowledged by the sms and digital receipt in 1MONEY™ database which can be accessed by the customer at any point of time.

Time frame for response: The turn-around-time for the responding to a complaint is i. Normal cases (other than the one mentioned below): 6 days within business working hours to 7 working days for normal cases. Fraud cases, Legal cases and cases which need retrieval of documents and exceptionally old records: 15 working business working days. Cases involving 3rd party (other Banks): 30 working days. Chargeback related cases: 45 to 90 working days or as per VISA/Master Card guidelines. For all the complaints received from the regulator, timelines as mandated by respective regulator will be adhered to and for overseas branches the response will be routed through the compliance officer of the respective location. If any case needs additional time, 1MONEY™ will inform the customer/regulator the reasons of delay in resolution and provide expected time lines for resolution of the issue.

1MONEY™ Customer care conduct monthly quality audit to ensure proper classification and assignment of requests/complaints and to check whether the resolution is complete and correct. 1MONEY™ shall have a structured program of customer surveys that are conducted to understand customer interaction and satisfaction with the services provided by 1MONEY™. In addition to the periodic surveys conducted to gauge satisfaction with the transactions, separate surveys shall be conducted to obtain customer feedback on specific issues. In addition to structured customer surveys, feedback from customers shall also be obtained through branch level service meets and various questionnaires/meetings for improvement in customer service.