Welcome to 1MONEY™

We are a brand of Etiquette Co-operative & Digital Only Financial Organization making your identity cards alternative to cash,credit and debit cards totally cashless and paperless in branchless environment delivering digital competency and futurity of Financial Services.

Our Vision

Digitize and progress lives alongside fostering nations and nature.

Our Mission

Simplified Digital Financial Services Globally

Our Tagline

Your identity is your money.

Our Motto

Smart Money for Smart People ‘‘Only’’.

Why 1MONEY™ ?

Lengthy procedures for simple services, Burdening Services charges, fines for low balance maintenance, annual services charges, annual card charges, card transaction charges, card usage charges above limits, various cards for various purpose, forced to remember Alphanumeric passwords, additional charges if cards are lost, No support for loans & Credits, rigid time for banking activities. These pain points made us establish 1MONEY™.

What we do ?

We simplify and transform routine financial and cash related activities into digital platform integrated into one’s own identity card.

What Customers get ?

All financial services integrated into one’s own identity card saving more on every spent.

What Nation gets ?

Progressing towards Efficient, digitally secured and transparent economy.

What Nature gets ?

An Eco friendly environment saving trees at an average of 6 tons paper consumption annually.